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Weekdays (Mon - Fri) 11:30am - 3:00pm $10.95
Weekends (Sat - Sun) 11:30am - 3:00pm$11.95
Tempting Appetizers
ALOO TIKKI (2 Pieces): Chopped potatoes,Green Peas, gram flour balls deep fried.$4.50
PAPADAM (2 Slices): Crispy,spicy, wafers.$1.50
VEGETABLE SAMOSA (2 Slices): Stuffed with potatoes, green peas.$4.50
VEGETABLE PAKORA: Vegetable fritters.$3.95
PANEER PAKORA: Home made cheese,deep fried in gram flour. $4.95
ASSORTED VEGETABLE APPETIZER: Vegetable pakora, cheese pakora, samosa, aloo tikki.$7.95
SAMOSA CHAT: Served traditionally with chana masala,yogurt and chutneys.$5.95
ALOO TIKKI CHAT: Served traditionally with channa masala,yogurt and chutneys.$5.95
MASALA PAPAD: A spicy, thin, crispy and crunchy wafer topped with diced fresh tomatoes and onions.$5.29
VEGETABLE SPRING ROLL: Stuffed with fresh vegetable and deep fried.$5.29
SAMBAR VADA: Lentil donuts dipped with sambar.$6.95
DAHI VADA: Lentil donuts dipped in special yogurt.$6.95
RASA VADA: Lentil donuts dipped in rasam.$6.95
Non Vegetarian
FISH PAKORA (5 Pieces): Fish, boneless and skinless, marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, spices, chick pea batter and deep fried.$7.95
ASSORTED PLATTER: Chicken and fish pakora, seekh kabob.$8.95
SHRIMP PAKORA: Skinless shrimp deep fried.$7.95
CHICKEN PAKORA: Chicken deep fried in chick pea batter.$4.95
CHICKEN 65: Boneless chicken simmered in yogurt, flavored with pungent spices and curry leaves.$7.95
MULLIGATAWNY SOUP: Lentils, vegetables, spice, etc.$3.50
COCONUT SOUP: Coconut, cream, pistachio, etc.$3.50
RASAM SOUP: A traditional south Indian sour & spicy soup.$3.50
Indian Breads
MAHARANI PARATHA : Layered whole wheat bread made with batter.$2.50
POORI (2 Pieces): Light, fluffy-puffed, deep fried.$2.50
CHAPATI: Dry whole wheat bread.$1.95
ALOO PARATHA : Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and peas.$2.95
GOBHI PARATHA : Whole wheat bread stuffed with cauliflower.$2.95
NAAN: Unleavened white flour bread baked in tandoor.$2.50
ONION KULCHA: Naan stuffed with onions and baked in tandoor.$2.95
STUFFED NAAN : Unleavened bread stuffed with potatoes and spices and baked in tandoor.
GARLIC NAAN: Naan stuffed with garlic and baked.$2.95
GINGER NAAN: Unleavened wheat bread stuffed with ginger.$2.95
CHEESE NAAN: Unleavened wheat bread stuffed in cheese..$2.95
KEEMA NAAN : Tandoori nan stuffed with seasoned minced lamb.$2.95
KABULI NAAN: Unleavened wheat bread stuffed with dry nuts and rasins, coconut, sugar, fennel, seed and baked in tandoor.$3.50
CHEF'S SPECIAL NAAN: Unleavened wheat bread stuffed with onion, potatoes and cheese and baked in tandoor.$3.50
ASSORTED BREAD: Onion kulcha, stuffed naan, roti.$6.95
TANDOORI ROTI : Whole wheat bread baked in tandoor.$2.50
CHICKEN NAAN: Unleavened white bread stuffed with chicken.$3.50
Maharani Combination Dinners
NON VEGETABLE DINNER FOR TWO: Chicken pakora, chicken curry, lamb masala, butter chicken, basmati rice, naan bread, choice of dessert.$43.95
VEGETABLE DINNER FOR TWO: Samosa, palak paneer, mix vegetable curry, malai kofta, basmati rice, naan bread, choice of dessert$35.95
TANDOORI FESTIVAL PLATTER: Chicken 65, malai kabob, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, naan bread, basmati rice, choice of dessert.$44.95
SAEFOOD DINNER SPECIAL FOR TWO: Fish pakora, grill fish, fish curry, shrimp masala, naan bread, basmati rice, choice of dessert.$45.95
Chicken Curries
CHICKEN CURRY: Boneless chicken, cooked in onions, garlic, ginger, yogurt and spices.$12.50
CHICKEN MUSHROOM: Boneless chicken, cury cooked with mushrooms.$12.95
CHICKEN SHAHI KORMA: Chicken cooked with cream sauce and cashews.$13.95
CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA: Boneless roasted, chicken cooked in psieces and thick curry sauce.$13.95
CHICKEN VINDALOO: Boneless chicken cooked curry cooked with potatoes and very spice sauce.$12.95
CHICKEN MANGO: Boneless chicken cooked in onions, garlic, ginger and mango sauce.$12.95
CHICKEN MOGHLAI: Chicken tikka cooked in mushrom sauce, tomato sauce and a blend of spices and herbs. $13.95
BUTTER CHICKEN: Shredded tandoori chicken in spicy cream sauce.$13.95
CHICKEN TIKKA SAAG: Boneless roasted, chicken cooked in delicately soiced spinach and fresh ginger gorlak. $13.95
CHICKEN SHAHJAHANI: Chicken cooked with mushroom and green peas, cream sauce and herbs and spices.$13.95
CHICKEN SAAG: Boneless chicken cooked, with spinach.$12.95
CHICKEN PUDINA MASALA: Chicken cooked with mint and spinach.$13.95
CHICKEN CHILLI MASALA: Boneless piece of chicken cooked with jalapeno chillies and hot sauce.$13.95
CHICKEN METHI: Chicken tenderly cooked with methi, fresh garlic, spinach and herbs.$13.95
CHICKEN JALFRAZIE: Boneless chicken cooked with green vegetable and onion.$12.95
CHICKEN MADRAS: Chicken cooked with coconut milk and madras spices.$13.95
CHILLI CHICKEN: Boneless chicken, batter fried and tossed in ginger, garlic sauce with soy sauce.$13.95
Lamb Curries
LAMB CURRY: The perfect lamb curry, cooked with onions and yogurt.$13.95
LAMB SHAHI KORMA: Lamb cooked in cream with herbs and cashews.$14.95
LAMB MUSHROOM: Juicy lamb, pan roasted with spices, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms.$13.95
LAMB MASALA: Boneless roasted lamb cooked in spices and thick curry sauce.$14.95
ROGAN JOSH: Lean lamb cooked in yogurt based sauce.$14.95
LAMB MOGHLAI: Juicy pieces of lamb cooked in a special sauce of tomatoes, cream, fresh mushrooms, herbs & spices.$14.95
LAMB TIKKA MASALA: Cubes of lamb baked in a clay oven and folded into delicate creamy tomato sauce.$14.95
LAMB MADRAS: Lamb cooked in special with coconut and herbs in madras style.$14.95
LAMB ACHARI: Tender pieces of lamb cooked with pickle, a medium hot dish.$14.95
LAMB VINDALOO CURRY: Lamb curry cooked with potatoes and very hot spices.$13.95
LAMB JALFRAZIE CURRY: Lamb curry cooked with green vegetables and onions.$13.95
LAMB MANGO: Boneless lamb cooked in an onion, garlic, ginger and mango sauce.$13.95
LAMB SAAG: Lamb curry cooked with spinach.$13.95
GOAT CURRY: Goat with bone curry cooked with onion, ginger, garlic & gravy.$13.95
FISH MASALA: Boneless fish pieces marinated with yogurt, mild spices and cooked with curry sauce, tomatoes and peppers.$14.95
FISH VINDALOO CURRY: Boneless fish cooked with potatoes and peppers.$13.95
SHRIMP CURRY: Fresh jumbo shrimp cooked in a spicy curried sauce.$16.95
SHRIMP SAAG: Jumbo shrimp cooked with spinach.$16.95
SHRIMP VINDALOO: Shrimp cooked in a spicy curry sauce with onions and tomatoes.$16.95
SHRIMP MASALA: Fresh jumbo shrimps cooked in a rich cream sauce of tomato sauce.$16.95
SHRIMP MADRAS: A classic medium hot curry accented with garlic, frsh ginger, coconut and red pepper .$16.95
SHRIMP KADHAI: An exotic dish of shrimp sauteed with fresh green chilies, tomatoes, fresh ginger and coriander.$16.95
SHRIMP PUDINA MASALA: Fresh shelled shrimp cooked in a rich mint and spinach.$16.95
FISH CURRY: Boneless fish cooked in onions, garlic, ginger and spices.$13.95
FISH GOA CURRY: Cooked with coconut and an array of masterfully blended spices.$13.95
BEEF CURRY: Beef cooked in onions, garlic, ginger & spices.$12.95
BEEF JALFRAZIE: Beef curry cooked with green peppers, tomatoes & onions.$13.95
BEEF MUSHROOM: Juicy beef, pan roasted with spices & mushrooms.$13.95
BEEF SAAG: Beef curry cooked with spinach.$13.95
BEEF SHAHI KORMA: Beef cooked with exotic spices, herbs, cashews, almonds & rasins, cream sauce.$13.95
BEEF VINDALOO CURRY: Juicy beef curry cooked with potatoes & very hot spices.$13.95
BEEF MASALA: Beef cooked in a rich cream sauce of tomato sauce.$13.95
BEEF MANGO: Boneless beef cooked in onions, garlic, ginger & mango sauce.$13.95
BEEF MOGHLAI: Juicy pieces of beef cooked in a special sauce of tomatoes, cream, fresh mushrooms, herbs & spices.$13.95
Tandoori Specials
TANDOORI CHICKEN: Skinless chicken marinated in a mixture of yogurt, aromatic spice and baked to a succulent tenderness in the tandoor.$13.95
CHICKEN TIKKA: Chicken roasted in charcoal oven, mild spices, served with lemon.$15.95
SEEKH KABOB: Finely minced lamb seasoned with chopped onion, herbs and spices then baked on skewers in our tandoor oven.$15.95
TANDOORI SHRIMP: King-sized shrimp marinated in fresh ginger and garlic then roasted in the tandoor.$17.95
TANDOORI MIXED GRILL: Combinations of tandoori specialities like tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and seekh kabob, shrimp, served with sauteed onions and a piece of lemon.$17.95
BOTI KABOB : Chunk of juicy lamb pieces marinated in yogurt sauce spices and roasted in tandoor.$15.95
TANDOORI SALMON FISH TIKKA: Thick pieces of fresh salmon.$16.95
PANEER TIKKA: Cheese cubes marinated in yogurt sauce spices and roasted in tandoor.$14.95
MALAI KABOB: Tandoori chicken breast marinated with sour cream, spices and cooked in tandoor.$16.95
Biryani Rice Specialties
We use only Basmati rice - India's famous fragrant long-grained rice.
CHICKEN BIRYANI: Basmati rice cooked with chicken chunks, nuts and spices.$13.95
LAMB BIRYANI: Juicy pieces of lamb cooked with basmati rice and spices and garnished with nuts.$14.95
VEGETARIAN BIRYANI: Basmati rice cooked with green vegetables and garnished with dried fruits.$12.95
SHRIMP BIRYANI: King sized shrimp, cooked with basmati rice garnished with dried fruits. $15.95
BEEF BIRYANI: Basmati rice and spicy beef chunk cooked with nuts and falvored with saffron.$13.95
CHEF'S SPECIAL: Basmati rice cooked with green vegetables, chicken chunks, juicy lamb, beef chunks and king shrimp with herbs, fresh spices, nuts and raisins.$15.95
NAVARATAN KORMA: Mixed vegetable cooked with cream, herbs and cashews.$11.95
MALAI KOFTA: Vegetable ball, fried, cooked in delicious gravy.$11.95
MUTTER PANEER: Fresh homemade cottage cheese and green peas curry.$11.95
PALAK PANEER: Spinach cooked with homemade cheese.$11.95
VEGETABLE MIX CURRY: Variety of vegetables green peas, potatoes, cauliflower, etc.$10.95
ALOO GOBHI: Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with tomatoes ands spices.$11.95
SHAHI PANEER: Chunks of cheese sauteed with ginger, garlic, onion & tomatoes, garnished with cashews and raisins, cooked in creamy sauce, a royal vegetarian delight.$12.95
DAL MAKHANI: Black bean and kidney bean cooked with butter.$10.95
BAINGAN BHARTHA: An eggplant speciality baked over flame, mashed and then sauteed with onions, green, ginger and other spices.$11.95
ALOO MUTTER: Fresh green peas cooked in a delicately spiced sauce with potatoes.$10.95
PALAK ALOO: Delightful ragout of spinach, light cream, other spices.$10.95
ALOO CHOLE: Chick peas deliciously cooked with tomatoes, potatoes, etc.$10.95
PALAK MUSHROOM: Fresh mushroom and spinach cooked in mild spice.$10.95
VEGETABLE MANGO: Variety of vegetable cooked in mango sauce.$10.95
PANEER JALFRAZIE: Fresh homemade cottage cheese cooked with fresh vegetable and spices.$12.95
PANEER TIKKA MASALA: Grilled homemade cheese in spices.$12.95
VEGETABLE MASALA: Vegetables cooked with thick creamy sauce. $12.95
DAAL TARKA: Yellow lentil delicately spiced.$10.95
BHINDI MASALA: Spiced okra.$11.95
PANEER KADAHI: Fresh homemade cottage cheese cooked with fresh vegetables.$11.95
PANEER BHURJI: Minced cottage cheese in a mix of sauteed onions and tomatoes.$11.95
GOBHI MANCHURIAN: Chinese style cauliflower dumplings, in a tangy garlic sauce garnished with scallions.$11.95
PUNJABI SAAG: Fresh spinach with mustard leaves and ginger, garlic.$10.95
PALAK CHOLE: Spinach cooked with thick peas.$10.95
MASALA DOSA: Rice crepes filled with potatoes and onions.$9.95
MYSORE MASALA DOSA: Rice crepes with special mysoor sauce, potatoes and onions.$9.95
EGG MASALA DOSA: Rice crepes with eggs, potatoes and onions.$9.95
PLAIN DOSA: Rice crepes with special mysoor sauce on it.$9.95
CHICKEN TIKKA DOSA: Rice crepes with chicken tikka.$10.95
ONION CHILLY UTHAPPAM: Thick rice pancake topped with onions and chilli.$9.95
ONION UTHAPPAM: Thick rice pancake with onion.$9.95
TOMATO UTHAPPAM: Thick rice pancake with tomato.$9.95
VEGETABLE UTHAPPAM: Thick rice crepes with vegetables.$10.95
CHICKEN TIKKA UTHAPPAM: Thick rice pancake with chicken tikka.$10.95
KULFI: Exotic ice cream made with condensed milk, with almonds & nuts.$4.50
MANGO ICE CREAM : Mango flavored ice cream made with milk.$3.95
GULAB JAMUN: Non-fat dry milk and cottage cheese freid ball soaked in sugar.$3.95
GAJAR HALWA: Grated carrots, sweetened milk and butter garnished with cashews and raisins.$3.95
KHEER: Rice cooked in sweetned milk.$3.95
RAS MALAI: Flat round discs of Indian homemade cottage cheese poached in milk and served with pistachio nut garnish.$4.50
PICKLE: Mixed Vegetable. $1.95
SALAD: Cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, onion and lettuce.$3.50
RAITA: Cucumber mint in yogurt.$1.95
Indian Beverages
MANGO MILK SHAKE: Made with mango falvored ice cream.$3.00
LASSI: Sweet or salted yogurt drink.$3.00
MANGO LASSI: Sweet yogurt and mango falvored drink.$3.50
DARJEELING TEA: Indian tea from Darjeeling.$1.95
MASALA TEA: Darjeeling tea brewed with spice, milk and sugar.$2.50